KMG DocDeposit

A lightweight document archiving solution

Storing documents securely is essential for any business. Over time, the amount of data will not only take up precious physical storage space, but can also make retrieval of accurate information an increasingly difficult task. Whether it be correspondence, customer files, financial data or HR documents, you are limited by the accessibility of your information assets.

Access documents from anywhere

DocDeposit is a lightweight document archiving solution for any type of content you throw at it – whether it be audio, images, text or video. It can ingest an extraordinary amount of documents daily, which in turn can easily be accessed, managed and tracked from remote locations on any device. Once your file has been securely stored in the system, DocDeposit can automatically tag it with metadata pulled from a wide variety of sources. The integration with CMS and CRM software is easy and lets you maintain your current compliance standards.

Access documents from anywhere

Whether you choose to host your documents on-premise or in the cloud, DocDeposit lets you manage information retention and prevent unauthorized access. Permissions can easily be assigned to individual users or groups.

Safe and confidential

Secure your data in either a central repository, in the cloud or in a multi-site deployment. Define user permissions on content for individuals or groups. Comply to GDPR 'right to erasure' or setup automatic deletion of files after the legal retention period has expired. Verify the authenticity of documents each time they are retreived and track version revisions. Automate backup routines and ensure that your data can be recovered in case of hard drive failures. DocDeposit has you covered.

Safe and confidential

Features and requirements*

DocDeposit can run on virtually any modern computer and is easily integrated in your IT environment via scripted workflows


Fast and secure interchange of millions of documents between Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Logistics, Mailroom and Customer Service departments. Automate tasks with version control and histories.


A modular, flow-based design allows for highly customisable integration with your current workflow, including popular software as Microsoft Excel, Exchange, Office, SharePoint or external databases.


Easy to use and operate with a minimal infrastructure footprint. Minimum required: 1 CPU 1.0 GHz / 2 GB RAM / 16 GB storage. Recommended: 2 CPU 3.0 GHz / 8 GB RAM / 128** GB storage.

The beta version of DocDeposit is currently invite-only. Please contact us to be added to the waitlist. *Features and requirements may differ from the final relese. **1 year retention at 1000 daily files