In-browser access to common management tasks

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The Swiss army knife for sysadmins

AdminGUI is a set of in-browser utilities designed to help the daily administrative tasks of system administrators, service desk or second line support. It significantly speeds up the process of setting permissions for access to network resources, and enables you to enforce system-wide, individual or group-specific changes. Maintain Active Directory, self-service password changes and manage file transfers from any device. Identify issues via the dashboard and access real time metrics of the operation and usage of the system.

The Swiss army knife for sysadmins

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Available plugins

AdminGUI features a LDAP browser with ad hoc querying capability, out of the box. Its modular design makes it easy to tailor to your needs.

File Reporter

Examine, report and analyse millions of files, folders and volumes

Firewall Display

Easily check the rule configuration and current status of your firewall

LDAP Tool and Query

Look up and interact with data in a directory server with freetext query

Managed File Transfer

Secure movement of high-volume data across computer systems

Password Utility

Automatic password reset and self-service password management

QR Scanner

Quickly scan and decode QR barcodes from file or webcam

Security Report

Automatic security issue tracker and vulnerabilities reporting

Dashboard TV

Access real time system metrics in your office or at home

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