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Web server load balancing on (in the end) Raspberry Pi for less than 100 bucks


So… The other day I got very interested in web server load balancing. Again. One of these things that most people would just never care about, but as always… I got obsessed with it. Again.

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Integrating a traffic light with OP5 through a Raspberry Pi


The last couple of months, I have been amazed about the Raspberry Pi. I won’t go into great detail on this wonderful device, other than the obvious.

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Supersize io operations in Linux


This time I will tell you something that most of you really don’t care about: Max io size.

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Monitoring the progress through a pipe


pv is a small linux command, but still cooler than sliced bread.

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Could not chdir to home directory


I was at a customer’s site the other day, and ran into an issue that I could not really understand.

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Nagios and OP5 - writing a nrpe check script


One of my main interests in working with production systems, is to be able to sleep well at the night. A very important component to help making sure I can, is to know when things go bad, which they will; sooner or later.

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Benchmarking - to impress or not impress; is not even a question


I love benchmarking. Benchmarking is what I do well.

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Starting all over - where did my contacts go?


Starting up a new company from scratch puts you into the position that you sooner or later have to get going and get started with simple things, that are no longer simple.

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