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op5 widgets for Smashing released on github


A set of widgets to integrate op5 (nagios derivate) with the dashboard now available on github.

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Quickly clean up your Wifi connections in OSX


Today I realized that I had connected to a couple of hundred wifi networks over the last couple of years. This had clogged up my network preferences, and I no longer had a good overview of my favorite network locations.

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Physical firewall for VMWare networks


Sometimes you need to figure out some weird configurations. In this post I will try and justify the joy of VLANs in the following setup.

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Quickly create an img file from a raspbian SD card on OSX


Sometimes you need to make a backup of an SD card with your favorite installation on it. This recipe will show you how to do this in the most efficient way on Apple, Mac OSX.

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Rsync faster with AES-NI and ssh options


Copying files per ssh is very convenient, but the default encryption usually takes its toll on the CPU, and the result is that you do not fill the available network bandwidth…

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Installing pfSense on an APU2C4


As per pfSense 2.4, the nonobsd installation described here is no longer supported. This page is kept for historical reasons.

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Install Domoticz and Razberry2 on Raspbian 2017-01-11


I just installed domoticz with the following setup.

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Network interface naming in Ubuntu 16 back to eth0


In Ubuntu 16 the network interface naming is changed, so you won’t have your usual “ethX” naming.

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Google Authenticator and openvpn integration in Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS


This post show how to set up an integration between Google Authenticator and OpenVpn.

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