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Speed up ansible for windows with psrp


In our environment we used to use winrm. It just caught my attention (about a year too late) that from Ansible 2.7 you can use PSRP (PowerShell Remote Protocol) to execute your playbooks.

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Temporarily turn off URI parsing in Powershell

Temporarily turn off URI parsing in Powershell


This came to my attention when I was trying out RabbitMQ, that powershell\s invoke-restmethod did not work as intended. Some REST calls worked, but some didn’t. It took me quite some time to figure out what was going on.

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Install hassio/Home Assistant on a raspberry pi with Raspbian Buster


If you install Homeassistant on Raspbian Buster using the step by step description at, the web gui does not start. Your browser is hanging, and there is no good error message.

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Ansible: b64decode filter when using _copy_ not binary safe - example for Windows


Sometimes you would like to fetch a file from one server, then put it onto another. There are many ways to solve this.

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iperf on esxi


Quick one. If you need iperf on your ESXi server, you need to install an obscure, 3rd party package.

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pgAdmin on Docker/Ubuntu 18


This post will quickly show how to set up an Ubuntu 18 in a virtual machine, install Docker and set up pgAdmin with a persistend volume.

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Installing pfSense version >2.4 on an APU2c4


This howto partly shows how to install pfSense, with the main focus on creating the boot USB stick on a Mac, OSX, MacOS or whatever they call it today.

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Catch exit codes in bash - pipefail vs PIPESTATUS


The other day I caught a bug in one of my scripts, where I wanted to both act on the exit code of a command at the same time as I sent the output from it to a log file.

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op5 widgets for Smashing released on github


A set of widgets to integrate op5 (nagios derivate) with the dashboard now available on github.

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